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We are searching for young-adults who have a hard time getting an interview and job in Melbourne due to lack of experience. We have a working and friendly atmosphere for you to join us, gain industry insights and build a better future.

Working Environment

We understand your situation, we know that everyone has potentials, but we need a boosting arms to grasp hold of our dreams. We want to create an environment to nurture your growth and learn all things about graphic, web and digital marketing and drones. We believe it’s vital to have the skills on your resume for any job you’re applying for to increase your chances.

How every job in Australia will change by 2030

With today’s 15-year-olds likely to make 17 changes in employers across five different careers, according to the research, young people need to be prepared to learn on the job.

Researchers predict young workers will on average spend 30 per cent more time per week learning, 100 per cent more time at work solving problems, and more than 77 per cent more time using science, technology, maths and engineering (STEM) skills than the same jobs demand now. Read more at


Eighty-five per cent of jobs in 2030 have not yet been invented, according to forecasts by Dell Technologies and Institute for the Future.

Experts predict some of these roles will be in the drone sector, where new jobs will range from coding and robotics to drone insurance and racing.

“Having tens of thousands of drones swarming over most metro areas on a daily basis may seem annoying at first, but the combination of new businesses, jobs, information, data analysis, new career paths, and revenue streams will quickly turn most naysayers into strong industry advocates,” Thomas Frey of DaVinci Institute said. More at


More than 750,000 Australians had two jobs last year, according to the ABS.

Global futurist Chris Riddell said most workers of the future will have a part-time job in a traditional sector plus a start-up or freelancing gig on the side.

“Gen Y, Z and Alpha will have multiple careers throughout their lives and have multiple income streams at any individual time,” he said.

McCrindle research forecasts the average worker will have five separate careers in their lives, with today’s school leavers to have 17 employers by the time they retire at age 75.

More at


  • Work Experience

    Real work experience on real projects

  • Multiple Industries

    Gain insights on multiple professions in graphics, web, video editing, digital marketing & potential drone skills

  • Assets to Employers

    Companies love having you as an all-rounder – you’re creative, problem-solver and digital ready!

  • Entrepreneur Skills

    With all the skills you gained, you can start any business of your interests – save on startup costs. As the future of employment keeps changing, you have a mindset and skills to adapt to any environment.

  • Resume

    Amazing on your resume

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Awesome little things we do here

If you are the chosen one and the right fit, you will be a member of our Genesis Gym; it’s mandatory that we keep our body and mind fit by working out three times per week – work a sweat and heat up in the steam room. It’s a way to separate morning and afternoon shift and to provide our minds with a break.

We got your lunch sorted; soup, stir-fry to fruits. Our director Nep will bring his famous home cooks to share.



Sonik has recently moved over from New Zealand after leaving his job at BP as a night shift employee.

During his time working with us, he’s gained invaluable knowledge and experience towards his resume working on real projects for businesses in Australia.

The skill sets Sonik has learned:

  • WordPress

    Strong knowledge in building website using WordPress CMS

  • Server

    Managing accounts with WHM (web hosting manager) – backup files and database – duplicate website and transferring site.

  • Website Maintenance & Updates

    Assisting clients with everyday tasks; updating content, create artwork and adding new pages.

  • Graphic Design

    Learn how to use Photoshop to create banner artwork and slideshows – graphics that sell itself.

  • Coding

    Coding HTML and CSS – the fundamentals of web design

  • SEO & AdWords

    Working knowledge with search engine optimisation and growing insights with AdWords and Google services; Analytics & Search Console.

Website Sonik completed




We are searching for one new member to join us. Could you be the right fit for us? Do you know the importance of keeping active and healthy? Are you an energetic individual looking for an edge to pursue your passion and get into the work force?

If this is you, please fill in your details below.

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